e take great care in the layout of the house. All of the
clear limits are defined which allows for minimal impact to the natural vegetation. We salvage plants and cacti and use to re-vegetate disturbed areas.
The highest standards of construction are used in our houses. We blend innovative designs like this “post-tensioned” engineered slab with more “old-world construction, like the use of Viga Log posts and beams. High insulation values are very important to our designs. Our exterior walls have a minimum value of R-23 and our ceilings are R-40.
Hillside or hilltop lots are our specialty. No matter how difficult of a lot we can find a way to build a house on it. We have
great working relations with efficient engineers and contractors who design and build retaining walls, bridges, and assure proper pad/soil stabilization so that we can maximize on your lots features.

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